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Capturing the female form in an artistic, fresh, and intimate manner. Available in-studio, or on-location throughout Arizona.

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Sensual & Luminous

A song of beauty plays
to the tune of desire
striking a note in the soul
a look into the mind seduces 
a song ode to the female form
soft, delicate, sensual
alive with every feeling
serenades aloud to be heard
play on sweet song
enter the soul and mind
with a beauty known
as woman kind 

- Ode to the female form, Matthew Holloway

Alaina | Phoenix, Arizona Fine Art Film Boudoir Photographer

I have known this sweet girl since high school. Her beautiful freckles and natural beauty always caught my attention, and I knew that I had to photograph this effortless beauty of a woman.

Many years, and a baby later, we were finally able to connect, and I can honestly say, she did not disappoint. She exudes confidence, intention, and femininity without even trying. She told me she was nervous and had never done anything like this before, but wanted to document her post baby bod. I'm pretty sure she lied, because those two hours flew by, and not once did I feel as though I had to "pose" her.

The best part of being a fine art boudoir photographer is the opportunity I get to take the time I need with each woman to put her mind at ease, watch her loosen up in front of the camera, and then document her in her own element. Whether that is a sultry, moody feel, or bubbly and giggly. All I want to do is let her inner self free, and to immortalize that feeling she had while we were together, even if it was just for the afternoon.

I am very grateful to live in such a wonderful community for creatives. Where we all support each other, and extend our resources to those who are looking. The sweet Christina of Bella Jade Collection lent me her studio for this session. It was a beautiful touch to a delicate session. However, I am finally able to say that this was my very last session in a borrowed studio, because...

I'm excited to announce that I finally have my own studio in downtown Mesa! I have been dreaming of having a space dedicated to boudoir, and after a lot of trust in Him, praying, and penny-pinching, it has become a reality! So ladies, if you have been on the fence about booking a session with me, now is your chance. The first 5 ladies to book their next session will receive $150 off of ANY boudoir session. You can see all of the booking options here.


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